At first you should know that what is blogging, so let’s start to know about the term blogging. The meaning of blogging is anything like writing, photography and other things you know about which and which you can publish online yourself. Do you know that this blogging started with diary writing, but later many people made it a means of earning money and through this blogging their ideas on their website.

How to Create a Blog for Free

Now we suggest you some of the steps to learn how you can create or start blogging for free. So let’s begin

Your first step should be to give a good name to the blog:

You need to put more emphasis on what is the topic of whatever blogging you want to do.

And Your Second Step Should Be Selected Blog Template:

Your blogging page should be such that matches with your title means your background means the background of the website should match with your theme.

Start Writing Post:

To advance yourself in the field of blogging, you should always keep posting something different so that the mind of your customers is also engaged in your website.

And Now Connect Your Domain:

You take a domain and come online with a free web program.

Publish the post and which live: You should discuss on your blog about the same topic about which your feelings are related, only then you will be able to come live and tell people something about it.

Try to share your post as much as possible: You can increase your followers with the help of this step.

Now know how you can create a successful blog:

Integrated SEO Tools: You will need a traffic lane in your blog, if you want to progress as soon as possible, then now you must be thinking that how will this happen, so do not panic, we will give you complete information soon. With SEO plans like AMP written SEO tools, you can increase your views from search engines and increase traffic.

Do not forget to edit your text and images from time to time, there are many options to make your text stylish, such as use bullets and crop photos or apply filters. You can also edit in the same way.

If you have any interest in blogging then you should have a good mobile like smartphone install Wix Mobile App in your mobile so that you can bring good and fresh new content for your blogging through this app. Whatever mobile you have in your mobile, just make sure that it should be a smart phone.

You Can Add Multiple Veritors and Editors: Whatever people you contribute to your website like author editor, all of them should be like a team and all these people who are in your just created team will advise you that you What will have to be done.

Let’s know how you can earn money from your own blog,

Offer Subscription: You have to deliver exclusive content and your posts to your subscribers. Whatever plan you have in mind, take your online blogging and design it with your favorite thing.

Display Ads:

You can use Google AdSense to use a lot of ads inside your website. And earn money through it.

Sell Online:

First of all, you use Pay Butte, using this you will be able to sell items like eBooks and Merchandise without facing any difficulty.

Now let’s understand how you can promote your blog:

Try To Share Your Ideas And Content On Social Media:

It is very important for you to do one thing to get success in the field of blogging, that work is to strengthen your spirit in whatever topic you are writing. To stay connected with your followers on all social media, there is a need to add such a link in the blog which reflects the sociality.

These ideas will help you to connect with your followers on Facebook: Try to attract your readers to you and your blog by email. Send a notification to all the followers that you have put something new on your site. Use Wix Email Marketing to choose the best template for your blogging style.

Understand Your Audience with Blog Analytics: It is very important for you to see every day how many people visit your site. You can check this through one of the tools, then the name of that tool is built-in analytics tool. With this, you will also know with great ease that which of your blogs have become the most famous, that is, which blog has been given more likes by people. And whatever posts you have put on your site, how many shares they have got, you will also get to know by using it.

Now there will be some questions in your mind which must be coming, so let’s know the answers to them:

Q1. Why should I do blogging?

Ans: If you want to make yourself famous in just a few days, then blogging is the only way through which you can give yourself a different identity. Trust me this is one of the best ways to do this. If you do blogging then it helps a lot in traffic lane on your site. It continues to grow your business and increases the SEO rank on your site. And most of all, it will also become a good source of income for you.

Q2. Should I consider creating a blog that will help me with my business purpose?

Ans: If you are looking for a good way to grow your business, then I want to tell you here that no one can do this work better than blogging, then feel free to do blogging to get success in your business. This is the best marketing tool, with the help of blog, you will be able to talk with your followers, and you can convey the thoughts of both your mind and heart to the people through the blog. Blogging is one way through which your customers will understand your brand better and take interest in your business. People who are associated with you in blogging also get a golden opportunity to speak about themselves, so that they can tell how they need brands the most, how products they like best, so knowing that you can understand the things of their mind. You can include it in your business.


Hope you all have understood the meaning of these words whatever is written in this article. If you like this article then don’t forget to like and share and if there is any query then you can ask in the comment section. Thanks for giving your precious time.


Hi! My name is Rajkamal Sharma and I’m a part-time blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs like LIFE LECK.

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