My name is Rajkamal. And today in this blog you will know what are the blogging platforms. You guys should choose a better blogging platform. So that there is no further problem in blogging. Then read this post completely and you must share the comment.

What are the blogging platforms? And which platform is right for you?

Like if you have seen any videos, then you all go to the YouTube application, or you go to the YouTube website. Because YouTube is such a platform, where you will get any videos, whatever you are looking for.

Likewise, if you have to use Facebook. So you go to the Facebook application, either on the Facebook website.

If you want to create your own blog or write content on the blog, So for that either one platform has to choose, or you will have to “log in” somewhere.

So it is called the platform of blogging. That is a blogging platform.

How many Platforms for blogging in the market?

If you see, in the present time, many platforms are available to start blogging.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • WIX
  • Medium
  • Squarespace
  • Tumblr

And if we see, the most popular among all of these is Blogger and WordPress. Today we will talk about these two. Out of these two, you should choose the platform.

First, let’s talk about its price.

Blogger: This is Google’s product, such as Google’s Gmail and YouTube, or even more products are used today. For that Google does not take any money from you, even for blogger, you do not have to pay any money to the people, it is absolutely free.

WordPress: This is a content management system. Think of it like WordPress is software. Using which you can write your content, upload images, or upload videos.

But all the data that you will upload on your blog, we have to take Webhosting separately to keep this data.

What is Webhosting?

You can consider web hosting as a place on your own internet like we need someplace to keep our things in our homes. Similarly, to keep content in your blog, you need space on the Internet. This is called Webhosting.

Now on Blogger, we get Webhosting free, because it gives us Google. But WordPress is an only content management system (CMS), with which we do not get web hosting. Which we have to buy from a third party company.

Blogger is “FREE” and WordPress is “PAID”

Now let’s talk about simple, which blog platform is easier in Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger: This is a free platform due to which we get very little of this program. you can learn very quickly.

WordPress: WordPress is a professional blogging platform; it gives you lots of options. It may take you a little time to learn them. You can easily learn WordPress in 1 week.

Now let’s talk about themes and plugins.

What are these go-to themes and plugins first?

Themes: If you have to design your blog to look unique. So, you should know the coding or you can use the readymade template as a layout. This is called a theme.

  1. Blogger: You will find the theme here but it is a bit difficult to customize it.
  2. WordPress: This is a very professional theme that you can easily customize So that your blog looks like a professional blog kit.

Plugins: The plugins are small software. If, you want to add some new features to your blog. So many plugins will be available on WordPress, with the help of which you can put many unique features on your blog.

But if you want to put some features on Blogger, then you cannot customize it for yourself or add features from any blog. Because these plugins are not available on Blogger.

Now let’s do clothes on the basis of friendliness

What is SEO?

If you want to run your blog on Google, or you want someone to search your blog on Google, So for that, you have to do “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog. This is what you have to make your blog that Google likes. And to show your blog on Google Top, we have to “SEO” our blog.
Note: Whatever platform you choose, you have to do it yourself.

Blogger: There is a problem in “SEO” on Blogger. Because there is no such software inside Blogger. Which we can easily “SEO”.

WordPress: This is the additional benefit we get on WordPress; here we get lots of “SEO” plugins, Such as “Yoast SEO” and “WordPress SEO Plugins” with the help of which we easily address our blog by SEO“.

So if we talk about “SEO” friendly then in case of blogger, WordPress is more “SEO” friendly.

Now let’s talk about ownership.

  1. Blogger: Blogger is Google’s platform, and it is given to you for free only. You do not own it. Ownership is with Google. If Google wants, you can delete your blog without asking you. Because you are working as a writer.
  2. WordPress: WordPress is your own platform, You have the ownership of it. You can customize it as you want. You can operate it.

Now let’s talk about security?

  1. Blogger: A little more security is available in Blogger because it is Google’s platform; Google does its own security.
  2. WordPress: In WordPress, you have to protect your blog by yourself, because it is your platform, you are its owner. For this, you have to use a good and trusted web hosting and secure plugging.

Overall, there is no such problem that you have a tension of security.

Now let’s talk about earning, which kind of platform can you earn more?

Earnings depend on your unique content, how popular is your blog, How much people like your content and not the platform. Platform whether you choose a blogger or WordPress. In both of them, you will get Earning, your unique content written by you. You can do a good earning by using some platform in both of them.

Now whether you want to Adsense on your blog. If you want to do Affiliate marketing, you can easily cut both of them on any platform.

Now let’s talk about the bottom line. What should you do with Blogger and WordPress?

If you want to make a hobby blog or you want to write for pleasure. So Blogger is right for you. Because it is very easy and no technical knowledge is required for this.

But, if you are looking at blogging as simple. Or want to move forward in the field of blogging, Want to earn more than blogging. Or want to make blogging a full-fledged profit, then 100% WordPress is the best for you. And I will recommend you to WordPress. Because WordPress is a professional blogging platform, you can make good and SEO friendly blogs here. You can earn more time.


I hope that all of you liked the blogging platform, if you like this article, please share as much as possible and give us love and support. If you follow us, I will suggest all of you to WordPress. Because it will be best for you.


Hi! My name is Rajkamal Sharma and I’m a part-time blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs like LIFE LECK.


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