What Is Hybrid Sim Slot 2020 | Difference With Dual Sim Slot

May 7, 2020
What Is Hybrid Sim Slot

Hello Friends Welcome to Lifeleck. In today’s post, we are going to tell you what is hybrid sim slot 2020. if you want to get information about Hybrid Sim Slot and Dual Sim Slot, then you have come to the right place.

What is Hybrid SIM Slot Extender? Today you will know through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. I hope you like all our posts. Similarly, you continued to like every post on our blog.

Mobile phones have changed everyone’s life today. Earlier mobiles used to come with only a single SIM slot, but as the technology of the phone is increasing, new features are also increasing in it. Seeing the need of users, companies have now started offering dual sim phones.

What is hybrid sim slot 2020?

Today’s latest smartphone has a kind of drawer-like slot, in which you can either add 2 SIM or if you have to install an SD card. Meaning there is no option to install 2 SIM and one SD card in the latest phone, either you can use 2 SIMs at a time or you can use one SIM and SD Card. This new SIM slot option is called Hybrid Sim Slot.

Hybrid Sim Slot Benefits

There are some benefits from having a Hybrid Sim Slot 2020, so know the benefits of Hybrid Sim Slot.

•Due to this new technology, SIM can be easily extracted and placed with the help of the Sim Ejector Tool.
•Hybrid Sim Slot puts less pressure on the Smartphone’s CPU Unit.
•Because of this, the consumption of Ram is also low.
•Battery savings are also reduced due to Hybrid Sim Slot.

What is Hybrid SIM Slot Extender?

If you have to run two SIMs in the phone and also use the SD card with it, then in such a situation you can use Hybrid SIM Slot Extender.

With the help of Hybrid SIM Slot Extender, both SIMs can be used simultaneously with the SD Card. For this, you have to insert a SIM in one slot and Hybrid SIM Slot Extender in the second and then a memory card. After this, you can connect another SIM in the slot of the Hybrid SIM Slot Extender.

How to Use Hybrid SIM Slot Extender

You can buy Hybrid SIM Slot Extender easily. You will get it easily at a price of Rs 200. Its value is very low, which is only up to 200 rupees. So let’s know how to use 2 sims and one card

•To install it in your smartphone, place a micro SIM in the SIM slot of the phone.
•And in the second slot, first put Hybrid SIM Slot Extender and after that put SD Card on it.
•Now connect your second SIM in the second slot of the Extender and after connecting the Extender, now paste it on the back of your phone.

What Dual Sim Slot

Nowadays you will only see Dual Sim Slot in the Smartphone. All smartphones now come with Dual Sim Slot as well, in which you can use two different SIMs at the same time, it is called Dual Sim Slot. Many people nowadays use one SIM for Calling and Internet and use another SIM to create Whatsapp Account.

Benefits of Dua Sim

Due to the dual SIM slot, some advantages are also obtained. We are explaining these benefits further.

•This is more beneficial for those who want to use more than one number who need two numbers Personal and Professional.
•With Dual Sim Slot, you can also combine different plans of two different operators using two SIMs.

Difference between hybrid and dual sim slot

Hybrid Sim Slot and Dual Sim Slot have some differences depending on their function and capacity, which are given below.

•In Hybrid Sim Slot you can put one SIM and SD Card but in Dual Sim Slot you can use two SIMs but not SD Card.
•In Dual SIM, you have the advantage of installing 2 SIMs but in Hybrid Sim Slot you cannot use two SIMs.
•The look and design of Hybrid Sim Slot is many times better than dual sim slot phones.


In today’s post, you learned about what is Hybrid Sim Slot. With this, you also learn that Dual Sim Slot hopes that the information given by us will be useful for you.
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